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21 June 2012 -  “ICDI” and Administration of the city of Obninsk have signed an agreement that will help the development of priority projects in the city

“International center for development of innovation” and Administration of the city of Obninsk have signed an agreement that will help the development of priority projects in the city. One of the main priorities for Obnisk, city that is mostly known for its science intensive technologies, is development of innovative-technological projects for the manufacturers.

“ICDI” role is concentrated in attraction of foreign investment into projects. Investment can be represented by means of the state institutes for development and also Russian and foreign institutional investors.

"The main problem in Obninsk in our opinion is in finding a new city status, that will combine industriall center of science with support on scientific and human potential of the city. If earlier we represented only a science intensive city now it is necessary to become city with a developed scientific manufacture, to create our own innovative and technological manufactures, - says Alexander Avdeev, mayor of the city - For qualitative growth of city and increase of a standard of living attraction of several hundreds millions dollars is necessary. Exactly for this reason we have entered into a partnership with “International center for development of innovation".

"Our company has already begun working with Administration of the city of Kaluga, hence this agreement with Administration of the city of Obninsk shows our system work in this perspective region. Moreover, the name of Kaluga region itself is an additional stimulus for investors. The positive investment climate in the field allows to realize not only short-term and bright projects, but also long-term infrastructural projects, that are very important for the change in the specialization of Obninsk," - Elena Trofimova, “ICDI” CEO says.


07 June 2012 -  "ICDI" has taken part in venture funds and direct investment conference in Hong Kong

On June 7th "ICDI" management team has participated in venture funds and direct investment conference in Hong Kong, organized by Hong Kong Venture Capital and Private Equity Association. Other members from such Russian companies as OJSC "Russian Venture Capital", OJSC "RUSNANO" and innovation center "Skolkovo" have also participated in the conference. 

It is necessary to note, that "ICDI" is a constant participant of business meetings in Hong Kong and Singapore. "We consider the Southeast Asia region to be very perspective, especially referring to Hong Kong and Singapore, the major financial centers of the region. The first office that we’ll be opening abroad is definitely going to be located in Hong Kong. Right now we are working with several projecsts that involve participation of Asian capital in Russia and Russian capital in Asia," – says Elena Trofimova, "ICDI" CEO.

It’s also important to note, that during this conference arrangements with a number of new potential partners in realization of investment projects in Russia have been reached during this conference.


Hong Kong Venture Capital and Private Equity Association was established on November 12, 1987 with the objectives of promoting and protecting the interests of the venture capital industry in Hong Kong.


04 June 2012 -  JSC "ICDI" and Hong Kong financial group "Goldride Securities Ltd" have signed a cooperation agreement

JSC "International Center for Development of Innovation" is a Russian state-owned company created with the purpose of development of innovative and industrial projects, has signed a cooperation agreement with Hong Kong financial group "Goldride Securities Ltd". The cooperation agreement assumes realization of joint investment projects, initiated and developed both by Russian and Chinese sides.

"Goldride Securities" has been founded by a well-known Asian financier Anthony Espina and a large metallurgical holding "China Nonferrous Metals Company Ltd". One of the major goals of "Goldride Securities" is technologies transfer and attraction of foreign investments for the development of the Chinese enterprises. "Considering the dynamical growth of the Chinese economy "China Nonferrous Metals" has decided to realize its business expansion plans and help its enterprises access new foreign markets. Hence we can say that cooperation process is mutual," - Anthony Espina, "Goldride Securities" Operating director says.

During a recent business trip to Hong Kong and Singapore "ICDI" members together with representatives of OJSC "Russian Venture Company" funds have outlined a portfolio of investment projects with total estimation of couple hundred of millions USD. The main goal of the parties - attraction of investments and participation in projects management. "We have successfully passed the stage of preliminary negotiations and right now investors from the Chinese side are considering some projects from the point of view of investment," -  said Elena Trofimova, "ICDI" CEO.

As the first stage of its work "ICDI" intends to focus its efforts on Hong Kong and Singapore as these are two key financial centers in South-East Asia.


01 June 2012 -  "ICDI" and "Agency of innovative development of Kaluga oblast" have signed a cooperation agreement

"International center for development of innovation" and "Agency of innovative development of Kaluga oblast" have signed a cooperation agreement. The purpose of signing of such an agreement - creation of innovative business projects for Russian and international companies in Kaluga oblast, including organizational and financial support. The document also understates that "ICDI" will be engaged in presentation of interests of Kaluga oblast in the international level.

Kaluga oblast is a recognized leader in work with the international investors. Annual inflow of investment in the area exceeds 1 bln. USD, and this amount steadily grows, despite the former recession period in Russia and in the international economy. In the origin for development of the region lie measures taken by local authorities for creation of favorable tax and other conditions for investors. The additional positive factor - presence of an experienced team and high education level of the population.
"From our experience when you are talking to an investor and mention "Kaluga" and "Kaluga oblast", interest at once considerably increases. It happens so, because a lot of projects with participation of foreign finance and technologies have been already successfully realized. Investors at once understand, that represented ideas have all chances of a real realization!" - says Elena Trofimova, "ICDI" CEO.
AIRKO includes projects in biopharmaceutics, energy saving, manufacture of new materials and nano-technologies.



26 April 2012 -  "Russia needs its own Hong Kong!"

An interview with Svetlana Reznik, Director of  "IntraFund" of "Russian Venture Company", and Elena Trofimova, CEO of "International Center for Development of Innovation".

Several state development institutes that have been created in Russia are oriented towards supporting innovation and technology transfer. One of them is the "Russian Venture Company" (RVC), which operates as a fund of funds. Its own investment amount is almost $1 bln. USD, but the overall size of projects involving "RVC" own investment is much higher.



An important area of RVC’s business is Hong Kong, where the company plans to open the representative office of its subsidiary, the International Innovation Development Centre (IIDC), before the end of the year. Svetlana Reznik, Director of the IntraFund (one of the funds of the Russian Venture Company), and IIDC CEO Elena Trofimova elaborated on plans to develop relations with Hong Kong’s investment community. 


Why did you choose to open an office in Hong Kong and not elsewhere?


Elena Trofimova: Hong Kong has won the right to take over from New York and London as the leader of global finance, and it is emerging as a new charismatic leader for the next 20-30 years. This means that it will be a hotbed, not only of finance, but also of ideas and energy to implement them.
At the same time, we can see a significant demand for innovation in Russia. This combination provides fertile ground for developing common business projects and building an investment bridge between Russia and Hong Kong. A super task is to make the International Centre a fully-fledged participant in Southeast Asia’s venture ecosystem.  
It should be noted that the International Centre appeared in Hong Kong with the support of top-level partners from  Special Administrative Region authorities as well as the governments of China and Russia. Its creation is a result of long-term preparatory work. Suffice it to say that the list of the IIDC partners includes the Russian-Chinese Business Council, Invest Hong Kong, Hong Kong Securities Association, and Russia’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry. 
Svetlana Reznik: We are investment bankers just like the representatives of investment funds. We talk the same international “investment language”. We search and select the most promising investment projects as well as transaction structuring services.


What projects are you planning to raise investment for? 


Elena Trofimova: Russian innovations are mostly aimed at enhancing industrial production. Such projects include new technologies in the oil service and petrochemical industry, project to improve metal melting and extract hard-to-access natural resources. 
Our company also works in the ore mining industry managing Greenfield projects in base metals, coal and gold. The map of East Siberia is our work tool.

Other promising projects include infrastructure development projects such as municipal and road construction, bridges and logistics centres. In Russia, there is a significant demand – on the part of people, the authorities and business – for the renewal of the urban and regional infrastructure. So, we have signed an agreement with the administration of the Kaluga city (a regional centre some 250 km from Moscow) to update the entire road network and build a satellite city. Under a typical life-cycle contract, an investor takes a 25-year concession for an entire municipal complex and budgets its revenues based on a flexible tariff policy. For a city, this is a comprehensive solution and softening of the budget, for an investor, this is a long-term project with broad opportunities. In fact, an investor becomes the developer of a huge area pursuing the ambitious task of turning an ordinary city into a city of the future. 


What breakthroughs in technology can you see?

Svetlana Reznik: – I would call it “High Technologies of Life”. There are many industrial centres in Russia, including those focusing on oil and gas, metals and mining. Industries and budgets located at such centres generate significant funds.  Industrial technologies are moving forward, while living standards and urban development lags behind industrial levels. In addition, globalisation and the Internet are also setting new standards. Therefore, “technologies for people”, “technologies for the city” are set to stay in demand, while supply remains low. 
Hong Kong is a city of the future. We want to create such local Hong Kongs in Russia in which people would be happy to work and live. 




21 March 2012 -  "ICDI" and Administration of the City of Kaluga have signed a cooperation agreement

Administration of the City of Kaluga has delegated authorities to "ICDI" in attraction of investment for the city development. Among priorities - project "Old city" and general development of the city infrastructure; also investment can be demanded for creation of the new enterprises considering favorable conditions for their development.

"Old city" is a town-building complex project that provides design and construction of a new area in Kaluga on Oka river coast. It is due to become both modern and leaning on historical traditions in the region. Its concept provides creation of an administrative zone which will include new buildings for Administration and urban services, and also business and recreation infrastructure. It is necessary that the building objects are comfortable for the inhabitants and provide interaction considering the close location to the river. Investment amount for this project can be measured in millions of USD. Ten years aproximately will be required for the realization of the project, hence "International center for development of innovation" will be here one of the companies that will try to attract this investment.

"We think that the main advantage for Administration of the City of Kaluga in working with us consists in ample opportunities for investment attraction that we possess. Both state investment institutes for development and Russian and foreign institutional investors that are interested in the state infrastructure construction are possible investors in this project. Also our company renders organizational support in realization of projects which can be also necessary. That means that we not only finding necessary investment, but also we help with project management," - says Elena Trofimova, "ICDI" CEO.




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